Economic Development


BEC focuses economic development efforts to promote environmentally responsible projects that foster job creation, localize fiscal multiplier effects, and expand a community's economic base, while minimizing adverse social, economic, and environmental effects.

BEC uses a three-pronged approach to economic development:

Bringing new assets into a community - new businesses, developments and resources.  BEC works to identify new opportunities by coordinating the efforts of public and private entities at the local, state and federal levels.  BEC works with communities to facilitate development of the infrastructure needed to attract new businesses to their area.

Expanding existing assets - personnel skills, awareness and infrastructure.  BEC works to identify and anticipate labor force needs and to coordinate the educational opportunities needed for a community's workforce to realize the benefits of a project requiring specially trained personnel.  Often, new and existing businesses may not be aware of the resources that are available to them; BEC disseminates information to these businesses to ensure that existing resources are being used to their full potential.  Identifying vacant or under-utilized land and facilities helps communities make the most of their existing infrastructure.

Stopping the loss of existing assets - businesses, funding and resources.  Money is lost to a community when its resources are not used efficiently.  BEC works to assist communities in identifying and stopping the loss of their resources by utilizing energy and water efficient technology and through recycling and the use of local renewable energy resources.  BEC also helps communities identify and mitigate challenges faced by existing businesses to stop the loss of assets before it begins.