Grant Preparation


Grant identification and preparation allows organizations to maximize available funding for new or expanded opportunities. Knowing where to look for possible grant applications is only part of the effort. Experience and knowledge of what the grant reviewers are looking for and how they want it expressed are major aspects of the effort.

BEC has a solid track record of writing successful grant applications for client projects ranging from planning and outreach to garner initial project support, to "bricks and mortar" funding for construction and operations.

Grants Awarded
  1. EPA Brownfields Coalition Assessment Grant, 2014
  2. EPA Brownfields Coalition Revolving Loan Fund, 2013
  3. USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Grant, 2013
  4. EPA Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Grant, 2012
  5. EPA Brownfields Coalition Assessment Grant, 2011
  6. USDA Rural Development Solid Waste Management 2011
  7. US Bureau of Reclamation Rural Water Supply Grant, 2011
  8. U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, 2009
  9. USDA Rural Development Solid Waste Management, 2009
  10. EPA Brownfields Job Training Grant, 2007
  11. Economic Development Authority CDBG Grant for former Barrick Bullfrog Mine PER, 2007
  12. NDEP Brownfields (Abatement at Gabbs former Rec Hall), 2012
  13. Nevada Cultural Affairs Grant for Tonopah Courthouse, 2006
  14. Nye County Wellhead Protection Program Implementation, 2006
  15. Nye County Brownfields Petroleum Assessment Grant, 2002
  16. Nye County Brownfields Hazardous Substances Assessment Grant, 2002