Renewable Energy



Nevada and its adjacent states have extensive renewable energy resources, with projects throughout the state utilizing wind, geothermal, biomass, and solar potential. The Department of Energy has identified Southern Nevada, in particular, as having exceptional solar energy resources. As the states seek to meet their portfolio standards for renewable energy and its increasing energy demands, responsible development of these resources becomes more critical.

BEC promotes environmentally responsible projects that balance local concerns, resource availability, and economic growth. Since much of the land sought for renewable energy projects in Nevada is controlled by various federal agencies, inter-agency coordination is critical to the successful implementation of any project; BEC works actively with Nye County, the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Bureau of Land Management and other federal and state agencies and renewable energy developers. BEC also coordinates with organizations to assess their needs for other natural resources, particularly water, to promote long-term, sustainable development.

BEC's goal is to work proactively with communities that desire economic diversification through renewable energy and developers who envision successful integration of environmentally sustainable projects into accepting communities. BEC facilitates the identification of possible areas for future development, coordinates developer needs for skilled workers with local education and training organizations, encourages local development of support industries and infrastructure, and assists in identifying possible developmental pitfalls and ways to work cooperatively with stakeholders to resolve the issues.